How to remove stain

How to remove stain

It happens that we often ask this question to someone else or yourself, stain clothes (well, if it own!) or thing. Remove stain is not difficult, but often accompanied by damage to the surface, which we like clean! Therefore, for such cases, I suggest the following methods.

1. Remove stain of fat droplets on the clothes you can if sprinkle it with tooth powder, push it tightly to the clothes. Leave it, for example, overnight. The stain will disappear, there will be only shake off the chalk with brush.

2. Remove stain of blood as follows: If the stain is fresh - wash it in cold water, then in water with soap; if the stain is not fresh - it is necessary to use a mixture of borax and ammonia (2 volumes of 10% solution of borax to 1 volume of ammonia). Then the thing rinse in water. If You have the stain on a thin silk fabrics, it is possible to remove it with potato starch, mixed into the dough on the cold water. The surface is covered with the mixed structure and left to dry, then starch is removed, and the thing washed in water. Remove stain of blood with white clothes can be done by soaking the cloth in warm (30-35 0C, a 2% ) solution of hyposulphite (acidic fixer) - 4 g of hyposulphite to 1 cup of water. After that the thing needs to be rinsed in water.

3. Woolen collar you can lean with a cloth dipped in vinegar.

4. Traces from hot iron with white linen and cotton fabrics can be deleted as follows: the yellow area is soaked in cold water, wipe it with a solution of bleach (1 teaspoon on 1 glass of water). With undyed woolen fabrics such stains are removed as follows: first it washed with 5% solution of ammonium hydroxide and 3% hydrogen peroxide solution (both solutions were taken in equal parts) then dried warm iron. If the stain is weak enough the thing to soak in the solution (2 teaspoons of borax in 1 liter of water), then rinse and dry.

5. Remove stain of tea can wiping with a cloth dipped in a solution of glycerin (2 teaspoons) and ammonia (0,5 teaspoons).

6. Remove stain of iodine 10% solution of hyposulphite (or thiosulfate sodium - acid fixer).

7. Traces of Cologne or perfume on light-colored fabrics can be removed with glycerin, heated to 50...60 0C or ethyl alcohol.

8. Collar outerwear can be cleaned with a solution consisting of sodium chloride (food salt) (5 g) in ammonia alcohol (25 g).

9. The stain of stearic candles can be scraped off with a knife, make Ironing putting it between two sheets of blotting paper.

How to remove the grease stain

10. To remove grease the stain with wall you can use solution of magnesia in gasoline, push the grease stain with white bread.

11. To remove the grease stain with silk products can be with a solution of salts of ammonia in alcohol.

12. Grease stains from fabrics of all kinds can be removed with gasoline.

13. To remove fresh fat stain with a light fabric, you need to put on it a white cloth or absorbent paper and wipe the stain from the inside with a cloth soaked in gasoline.