Chemical name

Chemical name substances and processes used in the literature


Absorption is the process by which solid body absorbs substances from a liquid or gas.

Alkaloid this is vegetable-origin complex organic substance, containing nitrogen and having the properties of bases

Electrotyping - getting precise metal copies by the action of electric current. The metal is precipitated on the object where you want to copy.

Dehydration - the removal of water molecules from the chemical (e.g., by heating).

Water hardness - a characteristic of water caused by the presence in it salts of calcium and magnesium. These salts are precipitated by heating the walls of cookware (scale), complicate the washing and cooking. Boiling water hardness is eliminated only partially.

Invert sugar is a Mixture of two simple sugars, glucose and fructose obtained by splitting beet or cane sugar (is sucrose).

Inhibitors - substances that reduce the rate of chemical reactions (in effect the opposite catalysts).

Indicators - substances which in a certain way change its color, if certain substances or under the influence of acids and bases presence .

Artificial fiber is the fiber, that is got from natural substances (such as wood) after chemical treatment. Artificial fibers are mediamine, viscose, acetate and other.

Gum - carbohydrates with very large molecules. Contained in the juice and the resin of some plants, particularly fruit trees.

Catalyst is a substance that accelerates a chemical reaction by the action of the opposite inhibitors.

Rings of Lizegant - colored rings that appear in jellies and some color reactions.

Concentrated solution is a solution that contains many dissolved substance (the same as a strong solution).

watercolors paint - paint bred in water and containing an additive to best fixing on paper.

Molecule is the smallest unit of material that save all of its chemical properties. The molecule consists of same or different atoms connected by chemical bonds.

Saturated solution is a solution in which the substance can no longer be dissolved and excess substances remains insoluble

Ammonia is a complex chemical substance - ammonium hydroxide NH4OH, belonging to the class of "bases". This substance can be found under the name ammonia solution.

Ammonia is a complex chemical substance ammonium chloride NH4Cl, belonging to the class of "salt".

Patina film that forms on copper or bronze naturally or artificially (patina). This film protects the metal from further destruction.

Syrup is a sweet product, obtained from starch under the action of dilute acids.

Etching – the dissolution of the surface of solid materials by chemical or electrical means.

Carbohydrates is a large group of natural substances, widely used in food. Сarbohydrates include starch, sugars (glucose, fructose, sucrose etc), cellulose (the main basis of the paper). Especially a lot of carbohydrates in sweets, pasta, bread, potatoes.

Enzymes - natural catalysts that are present in all living cells. Used for digestion of substances in the body.

Chromatography - a way of sharing and learning mixtures, based on the fact that substances are different dissolved in solvents and different adsorbed on various surfaces.

Extraction - removing substance from a mixture, due to better solubility in some liquid solvent.

Electrolysis is a chemical process that occurs on the electrodes immersed in the liquid, by passing an electrical current.