Bikfod's cable


Types of wicks

Bikfod's cablev is tool, which sends fire impetus to the detonator or charge.
There are several such cords, which has the same property: — wick, stopini, bikfod's cable

Бикфордов шнур

Бикфордов шнур

Types of wicks:

Wick is cotton rope impregnated with a solution of nitrate or of lead acetate. This cord lit with a speed of 1 cm 2-3 minutes.

Stopini powder — this is a bundle of cotton threads, which is saturated potassium nitrate,and the outside is covered with a mixture of gunpowder with glue. This cord lit about 4 cm/sec.

There is powder adhesive tape, representing one-sided sticky tape with adhered grains of powder. This cord lit with speed from 1 to 3 m/s (depending on the type of gunpowder)

The advantage over other wicks:

  • a) Burning in water;
  • b) not extinction in the wind;
  • c) simple in manufacturing;

Manufacturing Bikfod's cable:

Collect the following components:

Powder black, empty paste from any ballpoint pens (or insulation from the wire is desirable to take not very thick), boxes of matches

  • a) Gunpowder grind (to the powder)
  • b) pasta or isolation to fill gunpowder. (it must be closed with one hand something to the powder does not spill out)
  • c) it needs to compress a small portion of gunpowder (otherwise the wick will quickly burn)
  • d) fill the tube should not up to the end, in the end is better to fill the tube by heads of matches (for better burning wick)