Remove stains

Removing potassium permanganate stains

To clean potassium permanganate stains, - offer the method: A solution consisting of hydrogen peroxide (sold in pharmacies) and citric acid (to clean) to apply on affected places with potassium permanganate. Wait 3 - 5 minutes, then wipe with a damp cloth. That's all the stain is gone!

Removing iodine stains

You spilled iodine, wiped the surface and, so, got yellow spots, which are not clean - not rubbed. Iodine tends to penetrate into the surface. Even gold reacts with iodine. But! For removing this stain we need a fixer (previously used for display of foto pictures). With chemistry point it is sodium thiosulfate Na2S2O3 . Dissolve it in water and apply it to the damaged surface. After a few seconds the color will disappear. Color disappears, because there was the formation of a new colorless substance of sodium iodide (NaI) and another sodium salt of tisera acid (Na2S2O6).

Remove stains of white emulsion

To remove stains use acetic acid.

Remove varnish from parquet

It needs ironing the section of the flooring through the thin wet fabric

Remove silicate glue from glass

In order for not to damage the glass, pour into glass area with glue the alcohol and ignite. Then softened the glue can be removed with a sharp object

Removing rust stains

Spots of rust can be easily removed using citric acid. If the rust on fabric, it should be applied to the tissue section a solution of citric acid, wait an hour, then to wash the thing.
If the stain of rust quite old, instead of citric acid it is better to use vinegar. Better to take the vinegar (1 teaspoon per glass of water). Don't forget to rinse the clothes.

Removing perspiration stains

Perspiration stains cleared well with ordinary food salt. Dissolve a one ore two tablespoon of salt in 1 liter of water. In this solution soak the your thing. After 1 hour, it can be washed.
On fabrics made from cotton for removing perspiration stains, you can use wine vinegar, but on silk fabrics - with ethyl alcohol. When cleaning it is necessary to observe the proportion: 1 teaspoon of alcohol (or vinegar) per cup of water.

Removing ink stains

Ink stain from a ballpoint pen pastes, which had been accidentally left on your skin or oilcloth can be derived, if to moisten the head of the match and to scrub it on the stain. Then you need to rinse with soap the place where the stain was.

Removing wax from tablecloths

Paraffin, wax, stearin, used for making candles, with a tablecloth or fabric you can remove with next way: landscape or blotting paper put on the stain and ironing it. To get the result you need to move the paper to the penetration of the paraffin continuously occurred in the unused area of paper.

Removing stains on artificial leather

Stains on artificial leather is not desirable to remove with alcohol, petrol or acetone (that is, all improvised solvents). It can damage the fibers. In such cases, it is better to use warm soapy water.

Removing fruit juice stains

Juice stains can be removed if use ammonia, diluted with half of water. Then the thing to wash.

Removing wine stains

To remove a wine stain that accidentally spilled on cotton fabric, you can use hot milk.
If the wine stain is fresh, it is necessary to fill it with food salt and wash it with soap water. Instead of soap you can also use a 5% solution of ammonia, then the thing to wash with water.
In the same way are derived the spots of fresh fruit.

Removing blood stains

Do not attempt to clean out a blood stain in hot water! You need to soak the fabric with blood stain in cold water, then wash with soap and water too cold water.

Removing grass stains

Grass stains on clothes can be removed with cold alcohol. If you hav not an alcohol, use 1 teaspoon of salt per glass of water. Then the fabric is washed in water.
Alternatively, if the stain is still fresh, you can wipe it with cologne, (best suitable for "triple"). If the stain is old then with a cologne you can use ammonia (proportion of cologne and ammonia - 3:1)